Slide Meet Judge Moore ELECT JUDGE MARK J. MOORE to the COURT of COMMON PLEAS of PHILADELPHIA As a Judge and a Philadelphian, I promise to serve my fellow citizens with Fairness and Integrity. Philadelphia deserves Judges who are Fair, Effective and Even-tempered. Donate Now

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Voting is one of the most important rights and responsibilities that you have. Don’t give up on a chance to choose leaders and representatives who will properly pursue justice and represent you fairly.

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"As judge and a fellow neighbor, you have my word to serve with truth and fairness as my compass. I am running again for Judge for the Court of Common Pleas because I want to deliver JUSTICE FAIRLY to Philadelphians with WISDOM and EXPERIENCE."


My Story 

On May 18th, Philadelphians will elect Judges to sit on the Court of Common Pleas. I am running to remain on the Court of Common Pleas because Philadelphia needs Judges who are Fair, Effective and Even-tempered.

A Recent Ruling

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia judge declined Thursday to dismiss election-related charges against two Virginia men accused of driving with guns and a lockpicking tool to a site where Philadelphia votes were being counted in early November.

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